A Brief Conversation on Failure

Last night my I watched my daughter play with a skein of yarn and a pair of dowel rods. I asked her if she was thinking about teaching herself to knit…

“Yes, I guess so.”
“When you figure it out maybe you can teach me!”
“Why? Can’t you knit?”
“Well, I haven’t been very successful at it so far.”
“You mean you failed at it.”
“No. I have not yet succeeded.”
“That’s the same thing.”
“Gillian, you can not fail at something if you continue to be willing to try. Just because you haven’t yet figured out something, does NOT mean you’ve failed. We only fail by giving up completely.”
“Oh. Okay. Then I’ll help you learn when I figure it out.”

I love it when my children help me to remember the most important things!


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