The Challenge of Light and Darkness.

This morning I was able to photograph the painting I finished this weekend.

The Menominee tale of night and day. Wapus the rabbit and totoba the Saw-whet owl.  by Joyce Brandon

Wapus and Totoba - The Menominee legend of day and night. Original 12x16 oil painting on stretched canvas by Joyce Brandon.

This piece depicts the contest between Wapus, the rabbit, and Totoba, the owl.  Wapus discovers Totoba resting on a branch, almost hidden in shadow.   Wapus dislikes the darkness, as he is unable to see clearly.  He tells Totoba that he wants to make the world bright all the time and Wapus argues that darkness is much better, that he wishes to make the world always dark.

They decide to have a contest of words, alternately saying light & dark, which ever animal stumbles and speaks the word of the opponent will lose.  Eventually Totoba accidentally speaks the word of Wapus: “Light.”    The rabbit is victorious, all the world will be bathed in light forever.  But Wapus is also gracious and decides that Totoba should have some of the darkness he enjoys.  So the rabbit created the shadowy night to balance the bright light of day.


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