My Early Christmas Gift!

I’m one of those people who stay home the day after Thanksgiving.  I don’t do Black Friday, I don’t stand in lines full of crabby people who have been standing in lines since the night before, I don’t enjoy hunting for big screen TVs or fighting over video games.  HOWEVER, yesterday my husband asked me to go to town and pick up some hunting season essentials and I decided that, while I was there, I would visit my beloved Dick Blick outlet store in Galesburg.

You see, the last time I stopped in they mentioned they would have gift bags for the first 10 people and some nice sales.  So…  my daughter and I arrived at 3 minutes after 9 to a crammed-full parking lot.  No chance we were getting a gift bag.  We spun the wheel of fun & I won a stocking cap and Gillian won a t-shirt.  Then we wandered, as we usually do.  They have a section of warehouse full of clearance & scratch/dent items, and we wound our way through discontinued paint colors and frames and dinged canvases.  Gillian found a giant drawing pad – I mean this thing is almost as big as she is – of Canson paper for $3 and a wonderful book of paper dolls for $5.  She was ecstatic!

Then, I saw it.  It called to me.  It begged to come home with me.  It knew the back of the Trailblazer was empty & a perfect fit…

Best’s Classic Dulce – The easel of my dreams!

Now, ordinarily this would not be a spur of the moment purchase – the price on the website is $239.99.  But the tags on this particular easel showed it had been discounted to $89.99, and it had a couple of dings and was clearanced to $30!!!  Plus I have a preferred customer card which gave me a further discount.

Can you BELIEVE it?!

Well I made sure all the adjustment knobs worked & all the parts moved like they were supposed to & stayed still when they were meant to.  Then I snapped it up!

$30.  I still can’t get over it.  I think this is the second best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten.  The very best Christmas present was my first puppy, Jill, who I brought home from the animal shelter for my 16th Christmas.  Nothing could top her.



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