So Much Fun!

Christmas is zooming towards us at a blinding speed & I have had the busiest holiday season ever.  And I’ve REVELED in it!  I’ve had SO many terrific new clients with their beautiful & beloved animals.  My drying wall has been full of bright eyes, furry faces, and all the joyful colors of love.

When I receive a commission for a portrait, to be presented as a gift, I know how much trust is being placed in me – to create not just an image, but to capture a magical bit of the unique, living emotion that is the bond between human and companion.  What a thrill!  I couldn’t possibly ask for a better profession.

I hope you will be patient with me & I hope you aren’t getting tired of my sunrise photos…  At this time they are the only work I can show you.   I’m waiting, with all the patience of a six year old on Christmas eve, to hear the reactions of the recipients.  Then I’ll be sharing all the work I’ve been doing!


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