No Projector? No Problem! Transfer Sketches to Canvas

I’ve had a Youtube account for a while now and have been considering a variety of ideas on making videos for it.  I have a few slideshows up, displaying the evolution of some of my portraits & sketches.  But I’d like to expand into tutorials for artists of all ages.

In speaking with a lot of my children’s friends and our 4-H members, I’m finding that schools are phasing out art classes, especially in elementary and middle school grades, where kids don’t have the option of multiple elective courses.  Many of you may be aware that this is an expansion of cuts that have included recess and music, with administrators primarily citing fund shortages and more time needed for test preparation as reasons for the losses. (see “Make Art, Transform Lives: The Importance of Art Education”   and   “Don’t Cut Art & Music Teachers”

I plan to keep videos brief, under 10 minutes, and present demonstrations that would be helpful and interesting to aspiring artists, as well as parents or home educators who are searching for ways to cultivate creativity or enrich lessons.

In my first video I present three different ways to transfer a drawing from your sketchbook onto a canvas.

Upcoming videos will include a variety of art lessons, on technique, theory, and occasionally spotlighting great artists.  I may also throw in a product review here and there.  Do you have an area of interest you’d like featured?  Let me know & I’ll see what I can do!


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