Choosing Your Paint Brushes

Have you every found yourself standing in your art supply store, before an isle full of paint brushes of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and felt overwhelmed with all the choices?  Are you confused about which brushes would suit your chosen medium and artistic style the best?  I use to feel the same way!  So I’ve uploaded a brief lesson on the brushes I most often use, including a painting demonstration of my favorites.

The video covers a variety of paint brush shapes and bristle materials, & selecting the right brush for your medium. At the end of the video I paint a brief study using some of my favorite brushes.

Discussed in the video are:
Flats, Brights, Filberts, & Rounds. I also show examples of fan & script brushes.

For my oil paintings I prefer using boar bristle brights & filberts of various sizes, as well as small synthetic rounds.

The dark handled bristle brushes at the beginning of the video are Utrecht brand Interlocked from Dick Blick Art Supply. I love these brushes!

In the painting demo I use the following, in order:
-Size 12 Blick Scholastic Wonder White Bright
-Size 12 Blick Scholastic Wonder White Filbert
-Size 1 Utrecht 209-F Finest Interlocked Filbert
-Size 2 Utrecht 233 Round White Nylon Sable

For more examples of my work visit


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