Swift Legal Action Against Intellectual Property Thieves

Business Insider published an article this morning about Taylor Swift’s legal team issuing cease and desist notices to Etsy sellers who use her image and lyrics on their items without authorization.  You can read the piece by Rob Price here: http://read.bi/1DHD3n8

I am so glad this behavior is finally getting the shutdown it deserves!  Somehow these Etsy sellers assume it’s fine to steal the lyrics Swift has worked so hard to craft and promote, and paste them on a mug, pillow, or cell phone case to sell and make a quick buck with no effort on their own part.  The same goes for thieves who steal Disney, Harry Potter, or any other famous images and plaster them on items to sell as their own “handmade work.”

I can’t believe the “seller” they quoted in the article was capable of finishing his/her comment without choking on the gall:  “It feels as though we don’t matter, that our ideas and creations never belonged to us in the first place.”

That’s exactly the problem!  You didn’t create anything with your own ideas.  You stole Swift’s image & ideas and uploaded them onto Zazzle to make an iphone cover, then listed it on Etsy.  Not one step of that process involved your own original ideas or creations.

What really gets me is that Swift is only able to take on the theft occurring every day on Etsy because she has the financial resources to sick a team of lawyers on the culprits.  There are wonderful professional artists out there, whose photographs & paintings are stolen in the very same manner & resold on Etsy and similar sites, and who have no recourse because of the time and money involved in seeking out and legally confronting the forgers/visual plagiarists.

I certainly hope this trend continues on Etsy.  It could make finding the creative works and handmade items of honest artists and artisans a little easier!


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